The Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards competition dedicated to helping authors and publishers increase their visibility, credibility and book sales.
The Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards competition dedicated to helping authors and publishers increase their visibility, credibility and book sales.

The Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards competition that recognizes books for their high quality design, writing and overall market appeal.

Previous Winners and Finalists of the Book Excellence Awards have doubled their book sales, garnered attention from film producers, received distribution in book stores and increased their visibility and media attention.

Are the Book Excellence Awards legit?

The Book Excellence Awards has supported thousands of authors with their book marketing. Previous Winners and Finalists have doubled their book sales, garnered attention from film producers, received distribution in book stores and increased their visibility and media attention. You can read more about what authors and publishers have to say about their experience working with our team by visiting our Success Stories.
Why should I enter a book award contest?

A book award demonstrates to readers that an author is credible provides social proof and third-party verification so when readers are looking for help on a topic, or a new book to read, they often choose the book with the award.

There are many additional benefits to entering a book award contest, including:
•    Increased book sales through heightened visibility and recognition for your work
•    Increased visibility through showcasing your talent on a global platform
•    Increased credibility for your work by differentiating yourself from your competition
•    Positive PR, exposure and media attention
•    Ability to build your personal brand by being recognized for having an award-winning book
•    Gaining attention from professionals in the industry to build your career, obtain speaking opportunities, build a coaching or consulting practice and more
•    Using the award as traction for getting distribution placements in libraries or bookstores

Why should I apply to the Book Excellence Awards?

We have worked with hundreds of authors and publishers and truly understand the enormous challenges they face when marketing their books.

Our #1 goal is to get positive results for all applicants and honorees that participate in our program.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Read some of our success stories here:
Increase Your Book Sales Like Carole P. Roman

 "The Book Excellence Awards is more than your regular book awards, they're there to help promote and push your book to further heights. My book sales increased after the Book Excellence Awards Program took me under their wing."
Increase Your
Visibility Like Pete Canalichio

"Receiving a Book Excellence Award instantaneously gave me exposure and credibility I would not have received otherwise. I posted my award on LinkedIn and received over 10,000 views and 100 likes from people all over the world. This was truly humbling."
Gain  Media Attention Like Sharon Schweitzer

 "Due to the Book Excellence Awards, my phone started ringing nonstop and my website traffic picked up with media requests from all over the globe. Applying to the Book Excellent Awards was one of the best things I have done to market my book, increase visibility, and add credibility to my business brand."
Increase Your Credibility Like John Wessinger

"I would highly recommend that anyone interested in marketing their book in a credible way, consider entering the Book Excellence is a great way to get exposure for your book in a way that gets attention and builds authority."
What do Winners of the Book Excellence Awards get?

More than just an award competition, the Book Excellence Awards offers strategic marketing opportunities to help you can make a big impact with minimal time and effort.
All Winners 
& Finalists
ALL Winners receive a prize package valued at $4,000.00.

ALL Finalists receive a prize package valued at $2,250.00.
All Applicants
All Applicants of the Book Excellence Awards receive the Ultimate Book Sales System: Giveaway Edition Book Marketing Course. This course is valued at $500.00.
All Winners and Finalists
Learn more about the prizes all Winners and Finalists receive:
Book Excellence Awards Promotional Package

Winners and finalists receive high quality digital award seals they can use to highlight their award on their book cover, website, social media and other marketing materials. These high-resolution digital seals can be used online and in print materials.  
A Commemorative Digital Certificate

The commemorative digital certificate is a personal memento that lasts a lifetime. Winners and finalists can display and share this certificate with pride, cementing their award win in the minds of readers, fans and industry professionals alike.
Custom Award Listing

Winners and finalists receive a full-page custom award listing that includes detailed information about their book to raise their profile among our regular website visitors including book buyers, publishers, librarians, literary agents and other industry professionals.
Author Showcase

Our winners and finalists receive an in-depth author showcase where we interview and feature them alongside our entire cohort of award-winning authors. We make their work stand out with their own personal page they can share with readers, industry professionals, media and more.
International Exposure

Each winner and finalist will receive a personalized award announcement on our social media platforms shared with our network of thousands of media outlets, industry contacts, authors and publishers around the world.
Library of Book Marketing Resources

Our goal is to show authors and publishers how promoting their books can be easy and profitable! Our comprehensive library of marketing resources covers everything from how to make more money with your book, build a loyal tribe of readers, get national media exposure, avoid common book marketing mistakes, and more.
High Profile Exposure to the Publishing Industry

Our custom award announcement and press release is sent to readers, authors, publishers, journalists, librarians, book buyers, schools, literary agents and more! This press release features winners only.
Done For You Marketing Materials

We help our winners and finalists save time and money by providing professionally designed templates for print materials and social media. These winning designs can be customized to match their unique branding to have a lasting impact in the eyes of readers and industry professionals alike.
Guided Coaching

A step-by-step system that takes winners and finalists by the hand and teaches them the principles and strategies needed to successfully market their book award. With easy to implement strategies, winners and finalists can see results after the first coaching session!
All Applicants
All authors who apply to the Book Excellence Awards receive a book marketing course called the Ultimate Book Sales System: Giveaway Edition valued at $500.00 USD
The Ultimate Book Sales System

A proven step by step system used by NY Times, USA Today and Amazon Best Selling authors
to generate book sales.

Course Overview

You could spend a lifetime trying to sift through thousands of blog posts, podcasts, guides, and case studies that exist online about how to increase book sales —or you could start taking action today.

The lessons in the Ultimate Book Sales System Course: Giveaway Edition were compiled based on strategies and techniques used by NY Times, USA Today and Amazon best-selling authors.

This course was made for authors who live busy lifestyles and includes secret methods and techniques to rapidly build an e-mail list, increase website traffic, increase readership and sell more books.

This course includes easy to follow lessons and worksheets. By the time you have completed this course, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to start generating book sales fast and easily with little to no marketing budget.
Who can apply to this book awards program?

To be eligible to apply, books must be written in English and have an ISBN or ASIN.

Both self-published and traditionally published books are welcome. We accept entries from self-published authors, traditionally published authors, independent presses, traditional publishers and other literary professionals.

There is no restriction based on country or publication date, so even if you don’t live in Canada or the US, you can still apply.
How do you apply to the Book Excellence Awards? 

Applying to the Book Excellence Awards is simple. Review the process below to get started:

Step 1: Review Eligibility and Deadlines
All books submitted to the Book Excellence Awards must meet the following criteria:

    - Have an ISBN or ASIN
    - Written in English

Please note: There is no publication date requirement.

The final deadline to apply is April 30th. Winners and Finalists are announced July 1st.
Step 2: Select Your Categories
Select the number of categories you would like to enter your book into.

If you need help selecting a category, click here.
Step 3: Complete the Application Form
Click on the Apply button in the top right corner of the page. To complete your application, you will need the following information:
- Contact and Book Information: Author name, publisher name, book title, ISBN/ASIN, email, phone number etc.

- Your Book File: Accepted file types include .pdf, .epub, .mobi, .doc. You can also submit your book by email or as a gifted eBook

- Book Cover Image: Accepted file types include .jpeg or .png files

- Marketing Materials (Optional): Press release, sell sheet, author bio etc.
Step 4: Complete Payment and Accept the Rules and Regulations
Regular pricing (in USD) for the Book Excellence Awards is as follows:

1 category is $115.00. Each additional category is $69.00. To receive a discount on your entry fee, subscribe to our email list.

By applying through this form, you must agree to the Rules and Regulations of the Book Excellence Awards.
How much does the Book Excellence Awards
1 category is $115.00.

Each additional category is $69.00.

All prices are in USD.

To receive a discount on your entry fee, subscribe to the Book Excellence Awards email list.
Can I get help with my Book Excellence Awards application?

If you are having trouble with your application, you can contact the Book Excellence Awards support team through their website or schedule an appointment by phone.
Other ways to connect with the Book Excellence Awards:
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